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Bear Down
GammaBears here. I'm not going to lie. With three games left in the season, it's looking like they'l...
Bears beat Panthers & Hester destroys another record
Going to make this short and sweet review. Martz finally found the missing section of his playboo...
Tough loss
Well that has to be the ugliest game I've seen the offense played since well... last week. Was hopin...

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Da Bear Cast is a podcast of 2 insiders who give up to date entertaining information on whats going on with the greatest team on the planet - Da Chicago Bears, and general NFL discussion. For those of you who can't get enough Bears or NFL football this podcast is for you.

We discuss, Chicago Bear football, whats happening around the NFC and the NFL, fantasy football advice, and the idiot of the week. Da Bear cast is fun, entertaining, and insightful podcast brought to you by two of the most knowledgeable Bear fans around.

Da Bear cast is hosted by Bears Addict and Decatur Nate. We are brothers who were tired of looking around for a good consistent podcast by objective Chicago Bears fans. So we started our own. If you are tired of the usual banter from analysts who don't know the Bears well, or negative talk from other "Bears" podcasts, give us a listen.

If you have a question that you would like for us to address on the show we would be glad to. Send us an email at either decaturnate@dabearcast.com or bearsaddict@dabearcast.com. Send us your thoughts, questions, comments, criticism or anything else you would like to say. We would appreciate your input. GO BEARS!!!
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